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The Cherry On Top

Posted on January 17 2020

The Cherry On Top

Thalia Cherry was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. Her mother was an advocate for education and her father was a sports fanatic. The legacy they created inspired her entrepreneurial side and future company, Cherry Co., a sporty clothing and merchandise company that designs and produces licensed sporting goods and apparel for schools, corporations, professional athletes and retail entities.


In 2012, she realized that there was a lack of stylish, sporty gear for female athletes. Cherry wanted to change that. Setting forth to create stylish sports gear naturally led the way to empowering women athletes. Currently, Cherry Co.’s most popular design is their Girl Power shirt, pictured. Other empowering tees like, “Don’t be a Lady, Be a Legend”“Don’t Let the Skirt Fool You”, “You May be Beautiful but Not Even Cinderella is Getting to This Ball” and the Iconic Crown Tee, “Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Me” have found great success in this undervalued market.


Cherry believes that sports transform history, that they become a unifying front. “Look at Jackie Robinson, who broke the baseball color line. He inspired so many children and adults alike,” Cherry says. “When I started Cherry Co., I wanted to create a brand, a company, whose mission is what drives us to do everything possible is to expand human potential. It’s a brand of innovation, purpose and passion.” Her Make a Mark line features two shirts, one with iconic men’s names written in bold, white font on a black tee, “Barack Martin Nelson Jackie Me” and the other with iconic women’s names, “Michelle Oprah Serena Coretta Me”.


When asked what inspires her about the Maker Movement in Kansas City, Cherry says, “It’s inspiring to see the level of talent in a community that I hold near and dear to my heart. KC has a unique character that the world is finally getting a small glimpse of. There are unlimited possibilities for the future.” She also says Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey inspire her to no end. “Warren says the essence of time is so important. It’s the only resource you can’t get back,” Cherry says. “Entrepreneurs need to value their time to maximize their goals and get the results they desire.”


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