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Ebony Power 100 - Cherry Makes History

Posted on March 07 2020

Ebony Power 100 - Cherry Makes History

 From creating an entrepreneurial model to transform the economic trajectory of high school students,  to winning the Super Bowl MVP, , to the youngest player in professional tennis history to claim the throne, the annual EBONY Power 100 List recognizes individuals who have had a positive impact on the African-American community.

In 2020, EBONY is celebrating 75 years of serving the Black community, showcasing the stories and achievements of Black people in all areas of American society and culture. In 1971, EBONY introduced the “Most Influential Black Americans List”, which has evolved into the annual EBONY Power 100 List.

The 2020 EBONY Power 100 List recognizes the most influential and inspiring individuals making a difference in the African-American community in the following categories: “Community Crusaders,” “Doing It For The Culture,” “Power Couples,” “Excellence In Media,” “Social Justice,” “Shining Stars,” “Titans of Industry,” “Trailblazers,” “Women Up” and “MVPs.” Click here to see the entire EBONY Power 100 List. (www.ebony.com/exclusive/2020-ebony-power-100-list/)

Highlights from the “Community Crusaders” honoree,  Kansas City entrepreneur Thalia Cherry designed an entrepreneurial model that impacts high school students in an effort to change their economic trajectory in the Kansas City region, which is currently ranked second lowest in the country. “Power Couples” including John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union and Russell and Ciara Wilson define the power of a good team. And Hot Girls Lizzo and Megan thee Stallion lead the “Shining Stars” category with their unapologetic inspiring feminism. “Social Justice” honorees such as, Robin Steinberg, Founder and CEO of The Bail Project, inspired the EBONY Foundation’s “Home for the Holidays” campaign which is committed to reuniting families by posting bail to restore the presumption of innocence. " MVP" honoree includes Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patick Mahomes. 

Thalia Cherry and Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City Chiefs  are the first recipients of the prestigious award from the Kansas City region.   

Click here to see the entire EBONY Power 100 List. www.ebony.com/exclusive/2020-ebony-power-100-list/



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